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Excellent Truth

I enjoyed the message, but it's not a message now is it? The corporate media takes away our individuality. However, they do this not by force, but by the mere sheep-like nature of human beings.


Well drawn. I love to see consistent style throughout an animation.
Good work on choosing that voice effect for the "tornado guy". It worked perfectly.

A little to many "F" words for my taste. People appreciate not over using profane language. Creative dialogue goes a long way. Alternatives...gotta love 'em.

Haihaine responds:

Thanks for the review! The usage of "F"-words was actually supposed to be a characteristic of the main role (admittedly a cheap one), and I didn't really intend to put so many profanities in there... it just went that way when I wrote the dialogue for the blonde guy. =P

But! After watching it again with your review in mind, I do agree that it's not a necessary thing and that it might put off some viewers. If I do another one, I'll cut down on the F-words, so... thank you for a constructive review! ;)

(He will still curse more than the average person, though)

Need Sound FX

I tried my best to enjoy this, but I just couldn't do it without any audio.
Also, nice job with the quick "bitmap trace" background. I use that too...sometimes...well at least not all the time ;)

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Music was an excellent up beat choice.
The color scheme and simple environment made the experience easy on the eyes.
It's a mind warp every time you die, but somehow drop back on screen ready to go at it again. That part of the game gives it a unique quality that most games of this type do not have.

I even found myself trying to beat my highscore over and over and over. Replay value is about 6/10. This is because there aren't that many stages.

Thank you for all the hard work! I enjoyed the game considerably.

Good Fun!

It was an enjoyable game. Simple clean detailed environment and characters.

Random "buzzing" sound effect would've worked better than the never-changing plane take-off sound effect.


I love games that are simple to understand and very entertaining at the same time. The purple shapes were my favorite.
The gravity effect made the user feel powerful.
Big fan of instrumental music here, so my decision is somewhat biased. Bias hasn't anything to do with it really because it is an excellent game.

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great music

I'm not an expert, so I can only say if I enjoyed a song or if I didn't enjoy a song.
In this case, I did enjoy the song. Every second of it worked for me.

Thank for the wonderful tune and I would love to hear more.

Stay chill Stratoavis.

Hours of searching...

I spend almost 3 hours searching for the perfect song for the video I was putting together. Finally, I came across Sapphire Tears and I knew it was the song.

I hope you don't mind me using it. I gave you credit and posted a link to your newgrounds profile.

Link to the video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ5R2H c1ovY

Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful song.

Stay chill MerlinsBeard.

merlin responds:

Thanks for the review! I watched your montage, and it was really good! Thanks for using my song, and crediting me in the description, and at the end of the video. It's always wonderful to see this much support from one person. I voted your video 5, as well.



Every time I listen to your song, "When a Tear is Shed" , it's always another 3 minutes and 23 seconds well spent. Thank you for enriching this noise driven world with this ambient melody.


Full-time student, out on his own, poverty stricken, but self-motivated multimedia artist. Animation is the next best thing to music for expressing ideas. And that is why I am here...on the greatest flash animation/audio community throughout the web.

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